Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Palindrome poem

Palindrome poem
Speaking to speech
Speech to speaking

Loud music and fun
Writing down quotes
Quotes written down
Fun and loud music

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Iway cycling

Iway cycling day

I jumped on the bike and sped off up the cones doing zig zags.

I liked the lunch break we got to play on the bike track and pretend we were cars.

I learnt how to mount,dismount,turn and ride with a partner.I feel way more confident on a bike.

The instructors made everything clear and they were very nice.

The town was usual enough

The hill was usual enough; it had
A house, a sheep, a patch of grass, a seat
In the middle, and even a big map with a glass top
I like.   My brother, my cousins and I
Did what girls do – rested in the hot sun
drank, made big smelly mud balls, dodged the mad
Parents, crept like mice through the long green grass with a hope that we will get to the top,
Great long view,
Doing nothing important.