Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Highland home camp writing

I see the big and green forest.I smell the pine trees.I hear the birds chrping away. I'm feeling excited like it id my birthday.
Writing here.  A MOMENT IN TIME
Write about a moment in present tense.
  • detailed adjectives and verbs.
This helps the reader imagine the activity in detail.
What I am doing
Your senses:
  • What I am feeling
  • What I can see
  • What I can  hear
  • What I can smell
Use a simile to help the reader understand the feelings you had while doing that activity.
Your overall opinion of the activity.  What you thought about it and who you think might enjoy it.

I feel the icy cold liquid fill my shoes. I see the bottom of the water like a tornado when we step on the sand.I hear the sound of water splashing when we plunge yourself into the water.I smell the sweat coming off our heads like a small sun shower.

I'm feeling determined and strong like a boxer ,my insides are turning so much I feel like fainting. I see the top, it looks like it is as tall as a giant and as thin as a twig.I smell the sweat coming off me and the rope that smelt a lot like hay and old moss. I hear the sound of my breath huffing and gasping like a donkey.

I’m feeling excited like a animal who has caught its prey, hot like a bonfire and anxious for a swim. I can see the blazing hot sun shining down at us. I hear a bee buzzing, people chatting and the once and awhile breeze. I smell sand and water like the beach but no salt.

I'm feeling tired like a dog that has been playing fetch. I smell the plants and bird droppings like it was the smell I smell everyday.I hear the birds chirping but they are hidden away.I see all the native plants, big trees and my group.We continued walking but when we got there we saw all the other groups had beaten us.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Sentence Types.

Sentence types.
Opener sentence.

As we went to the cave, I got excited seeing the cave weta.
  When I woke up,I had an energy rush.

 Before we went for the walk I had a big breakfast.

Ialt: Write a sentence that has a serial pattern.
In the cave Hadley talked, Kennedy watched and Allen lead the way.
  At night Ruby turned her torch on, Taylor and Jemma talked and the rest of us slept peacefully.

  Somewhere a bird tweets, parents cook and children yell.
Interrupter sentences
    Eating the food,feeling ill, like I was going to throw up.
      Running in the cold, getting warmer by the stride, feeling great anyway.

       Waking up, looking and feeling tired, sleeping again.